Rich Bottcher

Rich, born in the Bronx and raised in New Milford, NJ, began his musical career as a self taught drummer at the early age of 15.  He quickly progressed and began playing the tri state area music circuit in various cover bands including King’s Highway, Drive, Hushh & Wolfgang. 

Rich, having just joined Thunderstruck in 2017 brings a heavy foot, keen sense of timing and great dynamics to every gig he plays, along with a irreverent sense of humor that is infectious to those around him. (Yes, Rich was that annoying kid in class that constantly got reprimanded for tapping on his desk to the current song in his head….and no...nothing has changed)


His style is influenced by the likes of Bill Ward, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Ian Paice, Cozy Powell & Phil Rudd to name a few.

Rich plays Pearl drums, Remo skins, Sabian & Zildjian cymbals